Spring 2019

It's A Kinda Magic

During this term's assembly series we will be hearing about the miracles of Jesus. The children will be taking part in retelling these amazing events from so long ago. We will be contrasting God's supernatural power to work miracles with the wonder of science and also enjoying some whizzy conjuring tricks! As the weeks go by we'll also be learning the Lord's Prayer a phrase at a time so that we really understand what Jesus meant when He said "This is how to pray". We hope to learn from Jesus about loving the world, how to show compassion and how to act with justice and mercy.

Week 1 - Miracle of the Moment
Week 2 - The Miracle of Love
Week 3 - The Miracle of Hope

Autumn 2018

Moses: "God at Work"

This term our assembly series follows the journey of Moses through the desert. The children will be considering the importance of the Ten Commandments as rules for life as well as the basis for British democracy. We will think about Moses' conversations with God as he led God's people out of captivity and, together with learning some road safety, each week's road sign will be used as a metaphor for living life to the full. Also, our Friday character will ponder whether teaching is the right career choice and contemplate alternative jobs - life boat volunteer, police officer, vicar, fire officer or doctor to name just a few - only to realise that each of us can find our role and vocation that is exactly right for us.

Week 1 - Giving Directions
Week 2 - Sending Hope
Week 3 - Controlling Anger
Week 4 - Speaking Clearly
Week 5 - Overcoming Fear
Week 6 - Building Faith
Week 7 - Harvest Challenge
Week 8 - Supplying our Needs
Week 9 - Making Us Brave
Week 10 - Giving Us Rules
Week 11 - Helping Us Relax
Week 12 - Defeating Death
Week 13 - Keeping His Promises




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