Making a banana milk shake on a bicycle

25 February 2018


Chinese New Year

23 February 2018

Reception enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. Yan told us how his family celebrate, we did dragon dancing, Chinese writing (with chopsticks) and we made paper lanterns and dragons. 

Breakfast Club Challenges

09 February 2018

At Breakfast Club Jake and Ewan Campbell have started running weekly challenges. We have had an acting challenge, physical challenges testing core strength and speed and a dominoes challenge amongst others. Well done to Nathan Kerr for winning our first week of challenges! This week we had a challenge to design a logo for Breakfast Club which was won by Manuela Mermenstein and Caitlin Durrant and judged by Nick and Clare one morning.

International Students Visit Year 2

09 February 2018

Year 2 really enjoyed meeting so many International students and finding out about the different countries, their food, flag and language. Everyone enjoyed having a try with chop sticks and it was fun learning to say hello in Chinese, Spanish and Japanese.

Fluffy at the Infants

02 February 2018

Reception had great fun for FLUFFY...we danced, cup stacked, painted, got active in the Rainbow Room and made lighthouses!

Fluffy Friday

02 February 2018

A few of the 22 activities on offer at today’s Fluffy Friday!

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