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24 June 2013

Trinity Trek 2013

The Annual Yr 6 Trinity Trek fell on the longest day of the year. Year 6 had spent the week practising putting up tents, learning first aid and planning how to cook a meal for four on a trangia stove. We set off on our ten mile trek on Friday morning, stopping at Shere Village Hall for lunch and eventually arriving at Urnfield in a terrific rain storm at 4pm. Nothing, however, could dampen the children’s spirits. They gathered under a tree to sing until the rain died down and we were able to pitch our tents. The clouds parted, the sun came out and we had an idyllic evening cooking, playing football, singing, and eating chips before bedtime. A strange blue creature was spotted under the beautiful late evening moon but we managed to get all the children in their tents before the inevitable wind and rain storm set in. A huge thank you to all the parents who came and helped walk, cook, play football and put up and take down tents. Well done Year 6 – you were a joy to be with. From your happy but rather tired and rather damp Year 6 teachers.

Year 6 join Guildford Borough Council's Junior Citizen Scheme

Year 6 went to the fire station on Wednesday to learn about staying safe. They tackled a range of challenges, including learning to make an emergency call, coping with a fire, crossing the road safely, thinking about online dangers, and considering what makes behaviour antisocial. Thank you again to Guildford Borough Council for inviting us to participate and for running such a useful event.

The Day of Rest

15 June 2013

This week the Reception school councillors led the school in a meditation prayer as our theme for the week was 'the day of rest'. We watched and listened to the video clip they'd chosen and relaxed thinking about our amazing world.

The seventh day was the day of rest
Please relax and be calm
Close your eyes if you want to and listen to the lovely music
Think about all the things God created.


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