Hazel & Willow Class New LEAP

30 June 2014

Hazel and Willow class have voted for their new LEAP and they would like to find out more about people who help us.

We enjoyed a carousel of activities which gave the children an opportunity to experience what it would be like to be a police detective, a fire fighter, a lifeguard and a doctor.

Year 6 Great Exhibition Expedition

16 June 2014

 Year 6 Plan their route for the Great Exhibition Expedition…

Preston Montford 2014

13 June 2014

Apart from a drenching on Tuesday, Year 6 had a fabulous week of weather at Preston Montford. They enjoyed stunning views at both Cardingmill Valley and The Stiperstones where they looked at the geographical features and studied the river. They all took part in the Victorian school room at Blists Hill and spent their pounds, shillings and pence in the Victorian town (not just in the sweet shop!)


Year 5 Oil on water investigation

11 June 2014

As part of our topic work we have been looking at coastlines and beaches. We found out that a significant amount of damage is caused to beaches and sea life because of oil spills at sea.
We set up an investigation to find out the best way of dealing with an oil spill. We made a saline solution and used a pipette full with oil to create an ‘oil spill’. We looked at 3 methods for removing the oil: dispersal (detergent), absorption (sawdust) and sinking (flour). The 4th cup was our constant so we could monitor what happens to oil if it is just left. We made predictions about which method would be best for removing the oil and tested our predictions. We found out that absorption is the best way to clean up an oil spill and is also best for the environment.

Year 4 at Bentley Copse

04 June 2014

New activity at Bentley - laser tag! All fine here weather not stopped the fun!

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