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31 March 2020

Year 3 Weekly Roundup

30 March 2020

Year 3 have been busy.

Year 3 Pirate School

27 March 2020

Today our pirates made periscopes so they could check out if there were any other pirates around! They loved playing 'I spy a pirate' in the woods. Our pirate 'wanted posters' were great, we managed to make 53 new words from 'Pirate Treasure' and we successfully completed many of the activities on 'Underwater Maths' - a great end to a great week!

Our pirates spent the morning baking 'hard tack' biscuits and shortbread. We learnt that the 'sign' for biscuit is to tap your elbow; this is what sailors did to get rid of the weevils from their biscuits! We definitely preferred our shortbread biscuits. We spent time working out treasure fractions and how much money the pirates made and enjoyed our 'Where's Wally' pirate book.

Year 3 investigated balloon powered boats so they could explore their island. We made an island from Lego and managed to solve the maths problem. We enjoyed creating comic strips for our island adventure.

Today our pirates faced a water challenge; how would they get the water from the lagoon? Thankfully, we remembered Archimedes from our topic on the Ancient Greeks and before long we had a tray of water. We then needed to transport the water over the adventure trail to our base camp. Finally we poured the water down the pipes so we would have enough water to float the rafts we built!

Year 3 have had a great time at 'Pirate School'.  A big thank you to everyone who has sent photos - do send in yours, too!

Royal Academy Young Artists Competition

26 March 2020

These are some of the entries for the Royal Academy Young Artists Competition. 

And these are the winners:
Alex C - Year 5
Ben P - Year 6
Chen L - Year 6
Holly M - Year 2
Toby H - Year 5
Daniel M - Year 5
Hermione H - Year 3

World Book Day

06 March 2020

In Year 2 so many children had fun taking part in our book swap! Everyone enjoyed reading their new books together.

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