No 184

12 June 2020

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Firstly, my weekly message to the children,

It was so very sad earlier this week to hear the news announcing that schools wouldn’t open up properly until September at the earliest. For those of you still at home, I’m sure lots of you were disappointed. I was.

We just don’t have enough classroom space or teachers to run any more bubbles as we’re only allowed fifteen children in each room.

Whilst it’s lovely to have some children in school, our whole community isn’t back together. Instead many of you are busy at home, connecting with your teachers online, and independently motivating yourselves to work hard across the curriculum. We’re so proud of you for being so determined – I’d like to encourage you all to keep going, not to give up and to look forward with hope to a time when you’ll be able to proudly show us face to face the results of your learning. You’ll have made amazing progress, I’m sure! Do remember to keep reading and give yourself chance to be creative. Try to limit how much time you spend on screens. And challenge yourself to improve small steps at a time – what new skill can you master in the next week?

Earlier in the week, you might have seen on Twitter a film of me suspending a waterbottle from a toothpick over the edge of a table. It was such a fun way to spend my Sunday afternoon. I forgot about all my worries, and loved seeing my science experiment work! It made me “see heaven in the moment” and gave me so much delight. With our assembly theme this week being about finding God in all sorts of situations, it made me so happy. Why not try it yourself? And think about where and how you find God’s peace. He promises to never leave us.

We have come up with another way to keep those of you at home feeling connected to HTPD. Laura Sutton, our sports coordinator has put together a “virtual sports week” which will hopefully help to replace this year’s cancelled sports day. Instead of being in school, it’ll take place in your homes during the week beginning 22nd June; by joining in you can gain points for you as an individual and for your class. I wonder who will win this year’s competition? See below for more information!

Have a good weekend everyone!

And now to our parents and carers:

I hope that my explanation to the children about the current situation has helped them all to understand. Please do reiterate to them that, while the government limits the number of children in the bubbles to fifteen, opening for more children isn’t possible. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to keep them positive and still connected with school life. The weekly Zoom calls are such a highlight for so many, teachers as well as pupils!

I await further information from the government about our next steps and will let you know as plans unfold. I am hopeful that with Covid infection rates falling, we will gradually be more able to be together again.

Please do note in your diaries that the Midsummer holiday on Monday 29th June is still happening. The school will be closed for all year groups including key worker children on that day so that teachers can write their annual reports to parents. These will of course be a little unusual this year with such a long period away from the classroom, but we are keen that children still have a formal

record of the year that’s passed. The reports won’t contain any formal assessment statements, but they will hopefully still provide an encouragement to you of the milestones that your child has reached and the progress they have made across the year.

We are starting to make plans for September and I am excited to let you know that we have appointed two fabulous new teachers, Danni Weston and Beccy Lee. Both have trained with us at HTPD and we know that they will be such an asset to the school. They are very experienced, having worked in schools for several years.

If government guidelines permit us to have the usual class sizes, we will have the following year teams in place:

Year R Claire Cruddas Catherine Finniear  
Year 1 Georgie Furlonger Hayley Esselen  
Year 2 Sarah McKenzie Lilja Helgadottir/ Beccy Lee  
Year 3 Alison Tester Clare Giles Sheena Preston
Year 4 Nick Walker Abigail Allen  Emily Russell/ Laura Hanley
Year 5 JJ Blackstock  Toby Strutt Sue Miller
Year 6 Tom Everard Sarah Jackson Danni Weston

We will also continue to have a number of part time staff working across the school. Please allow us to consider the best fit for each child, taking into account the huge number of important factors in ensuring a smooth transition in September. If you do have serious concerns, any comments should be directed to me rather than to your child’s current teacher. Thank you for your understanding in this. Interestingly, we have noted that the children coming back to school in the last fortnight, some in bubbles with none of their friends, have quickly made new friends and are so adaptable and happy to be with children again. We’re seeing them live out our school value of “embracing the future with hope and confidence”! I’m sure the same will be true for September as well.

For those for whom the new support bubble guidelines apply, I hope that you enjoy some much needed company and probably a big hug! Have a great weekend.

With love and prayers,


Thought of the week: “Bee pure.” When do you see God? “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,” Matthew 5, v8.

Whole school notices:

Date for your diary:

Midsummer holiday Monday 29th June. School will be closed for all year groups including key worker bubbles to allow teachers time to write their annual reports.

Friday Fun - is now available on this week's JTLYK page.

Virtual Sports Week

We are excited about Virtual Sports Week that starts on Monday 22nd June and runs every day until Friday 24th June.

Children currently learning at home will be set 2 challenges a day, which can be completed in your garden, house or at the park using equipment that can be easily adapted from everyday household items.

With a warm-up and cool-down for each challenge, as well as coaching tips to improve, you can test yourselves to see who can jump the highest, who has the most accurate throw and who has the best crab-crawling technique!

5 points will be awarded every time a challenge is completed and you will get an extra 10 points if you are in the top ten in your year group, plus an extra 10 bonus points if you complete all 10 challenges.

Results can be submitted online everyday to Laura. This is an individual effort and class effort as there will be an overall 'Sportiest Class' winner.

We look forward to seeing and hearing all about how you get on - please send in photos and videos that we can tweet.