Infant 4/10/13

04 October 2013

Dear Parents,

Often the best way of learning something is by doing it. Just as we learn a rule well if we have discovered it for ourselves. Perhaps you will remember tearing the three corners off a triangle, putting them together and it making a straight edge. You thus learnt that the angles of a triangle added up to 180 degrees, or dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter and finding it always came out as just over 3 and so discovered ‘pi’. We enjoy learning by dong and by discovery, though of course it only works a limited number of situations.

Giving at Harvest time is a great British tradition both in schools and churches. Originally, and taken from Old Testament rule, farmers and peasants alike were required to bring a tenth of their crop to the tithe barn for the churches use. Some Christians continue to give a tenth of their income to Christian or charitable causes.

This year we are giving to two important causes for our Harvest offering. It was great to be at Pewley Down this morning and see the great offering as well as finding out who will benefit. Next week it will be the turn of the juniors to bring their gifts as they learn more of the meaning of Harvest.

The two charities are Guildford Action and the combined Charities appeal for Syria. Giving to Guildford Action teaches our children that within our town and locality there are people who are short of food and everyday needs. We learn that we have a personal responsibility to help these people as well as holding our leaders to account about the way we care for the less fortunate. Our gifts of money will go to Syrian refugees, whose plight and suffering is beyond. The children, in turn, learn that out compassion and responsibility extends to all of our worldwide family.

Harvest reminds us of God’s goodness and provision to us, we seek to teach how we can respond to that love by sharing and caring for others.

With best wishes, Richard

Many thanks for your generous harvest donations for the Number 5 project in Guildford and the Syria Crisis Appeal. We will let you know the total raised once the juniors have had their harvest assembly next week.

Year 2 1666 day, Friday 11 October, am
Don’t forget your costumes for the 1666 day next Friday. There are costume ideas in the JTLYK section on the website, but let us know if you have any problems. We would also love to have plenty of parent helpers that morning; please contact your child’s teacher if you can help.

Maths Curriculum Evening, Tuesday 15 October, 7.00pm

A reminder that all parents are invited to the maths curriculum evening which will be held in the hall. This will be an opportunity to find out more about how your child is learning maths in school and to ask any questions you may have.

Fluffy Friday, 18 October
Forms listing activity choices for Fluffy Friday went out to Years 1 and 2 this week. Please return them by Friday 11 October and remember to name the form. Reception year will be doing their own activities in their classrooms.

You should have received the proof of your child’s recent school photograph earlier this week. Please return order forms to the school office by Friday 11 October.

Year R
Please note that, while the scaffolding remains, Year R children will continue to go home at 2.45pm once they are full time.

Uniform Shop
We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Liz van Eykenhof (Jamie, Beech) who has done a wonderful job running our school uniform shop for quite a number of years. Sarah Williams (Orla, Chestnut and Zac, Hazel) will now be taking over the shop (Wednesdays 8.45 to 9.00 am). If you cannot make this time or need uniform urgently please contact the office.

Gardening help
Another big ‘thank you’ to Adriana Foia (Stefan’s mum in Willow Class) who has kindly given her time to weed and prune the front playground this week. If anyone else is available to help please let Sarah MacKenzie know:

HTPD Prayer Group, Thursday 10 October, 7.45pm-8.45pm, Holy Trinity Chapel

We celebrate the start of the new school year with Richard Rowe – all welcome! If you are unable to come but are interested in learning more about the group, please email


We had a great first FOPS meeting of the year on Monday night and we have lots of exciting things planned for this term. So here are a few dates for your diaries.

Christmas Fair Planning Meeting – Monday 14 October 2013 (9am): Our Christmas Fair will be taking place on Sunday 8 December. This is our biggest fundraising event of the year and this year we want it to be even better. We will be holding a planning meeting in the staff room on Monday 14 October after drop off. Anyone interested in getting involved is very welcome. If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to be involved, please e mail Emily Bourke ( who will keep you in touch with the plans. The raffle at the fair raises a significant amount for the school and we are reliant on donations from local businesses for prizes. If you know of anyone who might be able to donate a prize, please let us know.

The Wild Place Open Days - Thursday 17 October & Sunday 20 October

Your children probably tell you about their exciting visits to the Wild Place but have you ever seen it? We are inviting you to visit the Wild Place on Thursday 17 October (9am - 12pm) or Sunday 20 October (1pm to 4pm) and see it for yourself. There is a catch ..... please bring your garden shears or strimmer. We are having an autumn clear up. In order that our children can get the most out of this amazing resource we need to do a little tidying and cutting back and many hands will make light work. If it is pouring with rain, we will have to postpone.

Phil the Bag Collection - Wednesday 6 November
If you are clearing out your wardrobe this half term, please donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags and textiles to our Phil the Bag Collection on Wednesday 6 November. The school receives commission for every kilo collected and the clothes and textiles are then sold on and distributed to people who can use and enjoy them in developing countries, which at the same time saves our environment from the burden of further resources going to landfill.

School Disco - Saturday 16 November
We're very excited to announce the return of the Family School Disco from 5.30pm to 8pm on Saturday 16 November 2013 in the School Hall. Whether it is your first school disco or the first in a long time, this is guaranteed fun, Gangnam style, for all the family. Tickets will go on sale after half term.

DJ Wanted: If you fancy yourself as a DJ, we are looking for a volunteer to man the i pod on the night. All applications to

Autumn Term Cake Sale Dates: The playground cake sale dates are as follows. Your class reps will provide you with more information.
Friday 11 October - Beech
Tuesday 22 October - Childrens' Cake Sale - Year 2
Friday 8 November - Oak
Friday 22 November - Year 1

Northbrook Gift Wrap
: Northbrook swatches have been sent home tonight in book bags. If you have not received one & would like one please text Becca Clegg on 07796 780042 or email Buying Northbrook items gives you the opportunity of fundraising for the school as well as buying beautiful wrap & cards. They seem to be selling cosmetics too this year & there is a catalogue at Reception for anyone interested. Every item purchased at £3.50 provides 77p for the school. Please get order forms back to the school office anytime before half term.

Lost: Harry Norris has misplaced 2 Shackleton sweatshirts (both named).
Freddie Kay has lost his black Under Armour top at football on Thursday 26 September.



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