No. 191

04 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much to the whole school community - children, parents and carers, and staff – for making this week possible. With all the careful hygiene adjustments and the different arrangements to get used to, I wondered how this September would feel. I needn’t have worried; I’ve loved seeing a joyful, exuberant celebration in all eighteen classrooms. It’s reminded us all how much we thrive when we can live in relationship with others, sharing stories, solving problems together, laughing and learning in a relaxed and happy place. We’re so glad to be back! Unusually, we have some places available in Year 3 and Year 5 this year, so please do spread the word locally. Because of international travel restrictions, some families have moved away or not taken up their places…we’d love to be full as it does impact on how much funding we receive to run the school.

Over the next few weeks, the teaching teams will be inviting you to join in with an online Zoom “Meet the Team” session. They’ll be presenting information about your child’s year so that you can support them as the weeks go by. Please do get in touch with your child’s teacher if you have any questions that you’d like answered so that the teachers can prepare. There will also be opportunity for live questions, but it’s sometimes easier to think ahead. See below for details about when each year group is meeting – and keep a look out for the Zoom login details which we’ll send out privately. Keep an eye on the website JTLYK pages too as they’ll be packed with important information specific to your child’s class.

At both sites, it’s been lovely to speak with so many of our families at drop off and pick up and I’ve noticed that lots of you have also relished this opportunity to catch up with each other. It’s a great sign of a happy school. Please do remember, however, to keep 2m apart and to leave swiftly when you have collected your child, since another class “bubble” will be leaving just 5 minutes later. We’re trying very hard not to mix bubbles during the day in school - please help us to carry this on at pick up as well. It would be such a shame if we were to experience a local upsurge in Covid19 infection because the school has reopened…and it would be so disappointing to have to close down class groups for 14 days because of positive cases. We’re all being really careful and have gone to huge lengths to reopen. The children are responding brilliantly to the new expectations – please set them a great example outside of school too.

Reopening the school has led to an increase in traffic flow around both sites. Do try to park up a little way away and walk in. Instead of Park and Ride, we could call it “Park and Stride”! It would really help to reduce congestion and keep pedestrians safer too. There are two hour parking bays all around the area; some people even love to walk in across the Downs.

Also, we operate an informal one-way system at both sites. At Pewley, please just drive down Semaphore Road from Pewley Hill towards Pewley Way. At Holy Trinity please drive along Pewley Way and into Addison Road and then complete the loop rather than attempting to turn around.

Do remember to park respectfully too. Keep the pavements clear and avoid parking across people’s driveways.

Thank you for confirming whether your child would have a school dinner or a packed lunch. Because of the Covid arrangements, I’m afraid we have to hold you to your decision and not allow children to

switch between the two options for this half term. I understand that’s disappointing and that you’re used to a lot more flexibility from us – hopefully it won’t be for long.

I think all the children will be ready for a weekend! And so will the staff after working so hard to help settle the children in. It’s been a fantastic start back, but with so many changes to adjust to, spending a couple of days back at home will be much appreciated I’m sure. We’ll see you on Monday ready for another great week!

With love,


Since we had such a long period of school closure for so many children last term, we have decided to prioritise their school attendance now. This is one of our responses to the government requirement for schools to ensure that children catch up. We have decided to postpone this term’s INSET days to later in the year. Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October will now be normal school days. If you have already made plans to be away from Guildford on those days, please do let us know as this absence can be authorised due to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in.

Instead the staff will take part in training on the following days: Friday 12th February, Friday 25th June when the school will be closed for the children.

“Meet the Team” Zoom Meetings:

Year 1 Thursday 10th September 6.30pm
Year 2 Thursday 10th September 7.30pm
Year 3 Tuesday 15th September at 6.30pm
Year 4 Wednesday 9th September 7pm
Year 5 Tuesday 8th September 6.30pm
Year 6 Tuesday 8th September 7.30pm

Year R will meet later in the term, once the children have completed the first couple of weeks.


Message Books
We need to know if there is a change to a child’s pick up arrangements. Please either phone or email the office to let us know, or note it in the class message books which are now on the table just outside the upper entrance.

Chicken Pox, Measles
In order to protect all members of our school community, if you suspect that your child has contracted chicken pox or measles (or an adult has shingles) please contact the school office immediately.

Menu for week beginning Monday 7 September
Mon: Chilli con Carne or Vegetable Chilli with Rice; Fresh Fruit
Tues: Turkey Meatballs or Vegetarian Balls with Pasta; Cheesecake
Weds: Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes & Gravy or Cajun Vegetable Wraps; Fruit Jelly
Thurs: Chicken Pie or Vegetable Pie with New Potatoes; Fresh Fruit Salad
Fri: Fish Fingers & Chips or Homemade Pizza; Ice Cream
Selection of seasonal vegetables also available daily.


Welcome to a new school year, and hopefully a bit more of a normal one than last year! To new parents, we appreciate that this hasn't been the start of the school year that you might have expected, and we are sorry we couldn't do any meet-ups before or during the summer - but guidelines and in some cases the law means that we couldn't.

As it is the start of a year, it is also time for the current FOPS team to offer up the opportunity of running the school PTA to some new faces. We have had a great time on the team, but with changing work commitments and personal circumstances then it is becoming more challenging to keep going with this too. FOPs is a great opportunity for you to be involved in school life and really push for the community spirit - you will raise money for supporting your child’s education with additional materials, equipment and even facilities, such as the new sports pitch at HT and, at the same time, you will get to meet new parents and have more involvement with the school. Speaking for myself, my son has loved me being on FOPS as he feels like I have been really involved in his life at school.

We are currently looking for:

FOPS Chair/Chairs - this role sees you heading up FOPS and leading fundraising activities for the school. There is a weekly commitment to writing a newsletter, and then events planning and running. With covid still around though, the events this year are likely to be a little different.

FOPS Secretary - this important role supports all of the FOPS activities, including at FOPS meetings and ensuring we have the all-important licenses in place for the fundraisers.

Class Reps - we need two per class at least, though the more the merrier!

For year R, we have one class rep in place already - huge thank you for that!!

For year 1, we are doing very well so far and have two reps for Beech and one for Oak. More are very very welcome though (for both classes). Thank you to our fab three so far, and a special thanks to Becky for staying on another year!

For year 2, we could do with a class rep or four…..

We also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all class reps for their support last year and to Sophie who has confirmed she will stay on as FOPS treasurer for another year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please do contact us if you have any questions about these roles or would like to put your name forward.

Sam and Jo (FOPS Chairs)


Dates for the diary
Friday 11th Sept - Year 5 trip to The Chantries
Monday 14th Sept - Year 4 visit to Butser Farm 

Junior school clubs
We are excited to announce that from next week we will be running a class football club for Years 4-6. Paul will be running this club for one class at a time, keeping each bubble apart, starting for the next three weeks with 4N on Wednesdays, 5T on Thursdays and 6T on Fridays. The club will run until 4.15pm. The other classes will follow later in the term.

Week 1 Week commencing 7 September


Hope everyone is well and getting to grips with being back in the school routine, even if it isn’t quite normal yet.

A big ‘welcome’ too to our new Year 3 children and parents – hope you are all settling in.

We haven’t got any dates set yet for meetings for this term, but as soon as we have, they will be shared via Parentmail. There are restrictions to what we can do, but hopefully with a bit of creativity and planning, we can help restore our community and welcome our new families.

HTSC Committee
We have 2 vacancies for this year – Secretary and Treasurer. Tillie Williams and Kirsty Terracotta’s children have moved on to Secondary school and are hanging up their hats – they have both done an amazing job while in post. If you would like to put yourself forward, or would like more information, please contact These roles can be shared, if that helps encourage you to volunteer.

Class reps
Although things are a little different this year, we still need class reps for each class. Class reps are a point of contact between the class teacher and the parents, a contact for the Committee with each class for fundraising events and also as a social organiser. If you would like to be a class rep for your class (max 2 per class) please email

Confirmed reps for 3A – Steph & Mel,
Confirmed reps for 3C – Suzie (needs one more volunteer).
Confirmed reps for 3S – Vera & Moriam
Posts in Year 4, 5 and 6 are all vacant.

It would be fantastic if we could have at least 1 volunteer per class by Thursday 10th September to publish in next Friday’s newsletter.

Have a good weekend ready for the 1st full week of term!

Many thanks
Helen Day
HTSC Chair (Issy 4EL, William 5S)

SharpShots Photography Club - the after school photography club will be taught via live Zoom workshop every Monday from 16:30 to 17:30 for ages 7-11. The class (costs £4) is limited to 15 students and any camera or mobile phone with a camera may be used. It will run from 14.09.20 and ends on 07.12.20. Please sign up at 
Flyer availabe here.

Join The Queen's Six on Saturday 12 September for 'Journeys to the New World', a concert of Hispanic and Anglo-American music, featuring many different periods and styles. There will be a live Q and A with the members of the choir and introductions from two of the composers; Bob Chilcott and Philip Moore. The concert will be professionally recorded at Holy Trinity Church Guildford and the format really does feel like an event; as close to a live performance as we can create but from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The concert will be via Zoom and presented by Hennessey Brown Music. The Zoom Room will be open from 7pm and it will represent a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues from around the world before and after the event in the chat room. For all details, including how to book