No. 192

10 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been amazing to see how many families have been able to join in with our “Meet the Team” evenings. With only Year 3 and Reception left to meet, I’ve been glad to connect with over 80% of our parent-body! Thank you so much for your partnership. If you didn’t manage to log on, do take a good look at this week’s JTLYK pages as much of the information is repeated there.

One aspect that hasn’t been covered in these meetings is our annual request for financial support. As a church school, we are able to access generous funds from the Diocese of Guildford to complete building works. In recent years, this has included the new gates at the juniors and toilet refurbishment at the infants. Moving forward we have secured funds for resurfacing the carpark at HT and installing a new fence and electronic gates at Pewley. The only drawback is that the school has to find 10% of these costs – for that we rely on regular parental contribution.

In addition, several of our families are supported through our hardship fund to engage with the full experience of living life to the full at HTPD. This includes residential visits and day trips, swimming lessons and Fluffy Fridays. This fund is only able to operate thanks to the generosity of both parents and staff within the school community. Please do take a look at these two forms: one for regular contributions, and one for stand-alone gifts. Any amount makes such a difference; just get in touch with the finance team if you would like help in managing your donation and also for advice about match funding if your employer takes part in this initiative (

With all the important information that’s been shared recently, it’s easy to forget to pass things on to you all – the most important of which is to tell you about our wonderful new all-weather pitch at the juniors. Thanks to our huge team effort in fund raising, we were able to get the work done over the summer break and the children are loving being able to use this resource. It’ll be a fabulous sports arena for many years to come and, even though we’ll still need to continue fundraising for a while yet to complete the project, I’m so glad that your children are already able to enjoy this space. It’s been great to see PE lessons getting underway at both schools – and the children seem so happy to be able to enjoy the whole breadth of our curriculum, as well as to play with their friends.

At the end of our first full week, I’d like to thank you so much for keeping to our staggered arrival and pick up times. We’ve been so pleased that the start and end of the day isn’t too crowded around both sites. It’s also safer with fewer cars arriving and leaving all at once. Please do try to keep to your allotted times moving forward. Only those with siblings, or specific circumstances should be in classrooms before or after the time that they’ve been given.

Finally, I can introduce you to our assembly series for the term ahead. Each week we’ll be introducing one of a collection of HTPD heroes. These famous people each demonstrate a particular characteristic and will hopefully inspire us all to make a difference in the world. We’ll also be looking at Bible heroes from the Old Testament and learning that God has always used people to build his kingdom on Earth. We’re sure to spend a lot of time thinking about one of our school values, “To imagine the journey in another’s footsteps; nurturing understanding, respecting all.” As an introduction this week, we’ve considered how each of us is unique and treasured – we’ve challenged ourselves to be the very best that we can be. As the weeks go by we’ll encourage the children to choose their favourite HTPD hero…I wonder who will come out on top in the vote at the end of term?

Have a great weekend.
With love, Clare

Thought of the Week: “You are unique.” What plans have you got for your life? What plans does God have?


Swimming lessons for Years 2, 3 and 4 have now been postponed until after October half term.

Use of WhatsApp
Several parents have requested that we mention this. Please be careful when using WhatsApp when you communicate information. Try to leave opinions and concerns to more private groups. With over 90 families in each group sharing anxieties can be alarming. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have.


Nasal Flu vaccination, Monday 16 November (years R, 1 and 2)
We will be sending out a ParentMail next week with information on the nasal flu vaccination and an e-consent form. The deadline for completion is Monday 9 November.

Menu for week beginning Monday 14 September
Mon: BBQ Chicken or Quorn with Rice; Flapjack
Tues: Pasta Carbonara or Mac & Cheese; Marble Cake with Custard
Weds: Roast Beef with Roast Potatoes & Gravy or Stuffed Roasted Peppers; Jelly
Thurs: Beef or Vegetable Taco with Rice & Peas; Fresh Fruit Salad
Fri: Fish Fingers & Chips or Homemade Pizza; Ice Cream
Selection of seasonal vegetables also available daily.


We have been made aware of a disturbing video that has been widely shared on social media by young people. This video has appeared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. If you would like more information, do read this BBC news article:

We would advise parents to monitor their child’s usage of social media and remind parents of the recommended age restrictions associated with the different Social Media apps.

Dates for the diary
Monday 14 September -Year 4 trip to Butser Farm

Second Hand Uniform
If you would like to make use of our second-hand uniform stocks please email Simone Chidlow (email: and she will be happy to advise you. We are really grateful for any donations that come in through this scheme.

After School Clubs
We are delighted to be able to tell you that we are expanding our weekly clubs in Years 4, 5 and 6. Please see timetable  for your childs clubs. Once Year 3 have settled in we will include them.

Menu - Week 2


We hope you have all been settling in this week and getting into the new routine. We are collating new members of the FOPs team and are looking forward to thinking about how we can undertake covid-safe activities.

FOPs is a great opportunity for you to be involved in school life and the community spirit - you will raise money for supporting your child’s education with additional materials, equipment and even facilities, such as the new sports pitch at HT and at the same time you will get to meet new parents and have more involvement with the school.

We are currently looking for:

FOPS Chair/Chairs - this role sees you heading up FOPS and leading fundraising activities for the school. There is a weekly commitment to writing a newsletter, and then events planning and running. With covid still around though, the events this year are likely to be a little different.

FOPS Secretary - this important role supports all of the FOPS activities, including at FOPS meetings and ensuring we have the all-important licenses in place for the fundraisers.

We do however have a full set of class reps – thank you to:
Year R: Tania, Hester and Hannah (Willow) and Sally and Gini (Hazel)
Year 1: Ilona and Amber (Beech) and Becky and Caroline (Oak)
Year 2: Emma and Sabrina (Chestnut) and Catherine and Vicki (Walnut)

Again, please do contact us if you have any questions about the outstanding roles or would like to put your name forward:

Thanks, Sam and Jo (FOPS Chairs)


It’s Friday! Hope you’ve had a good week and not too tired!

HTSC Committee
We have 2 vacancies for this year – Secretary and Treasurer. Tillie Williams and Kirsty Terracotta’s children have moved on to Secondary school and are hanging up their hats – they have both done an amazing job while in post. If you would like to put yourself forward, or would like more information, please contact These roles can be shared, if that helps encourage you to volunteer and handovers will be arranged. We cannot operate as a charity without these positions being filled.

Class reps
Although things are a little different this year, we still need class reps for each class. Class reps are a point of contact between the class teacher and the parents, a contact for the Committee with each class for fundraising events and also as a social organiser. If you would like to be a class rep for your class (max 2 per class) please email
3A – Steph & Mel,
3C – Suzie (needs one more volunteer).
3S – Vera & Moriam
4A – Laura & Becky
4EL – Buffy (needs one more volunteer)
4N – no one has come forward yet.
5JJ – Rebecca & Jenny
5T - Lou & Kim
5S - Marisa & Caren
Year 6 – no reps have come forward yet.

It would be fantastic if we could have these last 5 classes filled by next week.

Second Hand Uniform
Simone Chidlow is very kindly keeping all our donations at her house. If you have any to donate (age 7-8 upwards), please drop her an email to arrange dropping it off at her house. Year 3 have already had a sale at their coffee morning and there are still some outstanding payments for the uniform sold that day. We are using Paypal this year for payments as we cannot handle cash at the moment. If you have not had the link, it is here

We will be holding our termly meetings and our AGM via Zoom – dates and links for these will be shared via parentmail.

Have a lovely weekend
Many thanks
Helen, HTSC Chair (Issy 4EL, William 5S)

Football Trials & Late Birthday Project 
Football trials, being held at a brand new Guildford centre in September. 'Late Birthday Project' offer
professional academy football coaching and games programmes on Friday evenings at Kings College Guildford. We would like to invite the pupils of Holy Trinity School, to our football trials. The age groups are U6 - U14 (for boys only at the moment, girls teams coming soon). For more information see LBP Letter & LBP Flyer.

ComputerXplorers has run after school computer clubs at Holy Trinity for several years however the current situation means that we can’t come into school at the moment. In lieu of this we are offering online clubs which students will access from home. The clubs will be taught live on Zoom from 4.15 each day and cover a range of activities. Please see our website for details Most clubs start next week! 

SharpShots photography club - the after school photography club will be taught via live zoom workshop every Monday from 16:30 to 17:30 for ages 7-11. The class (costs £4) is limited to 15 students and any camera or mobile phone with a camera may be used. It will run from 14.09.20 and ends on 07.12.20. Please sign up at